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  1. There are countless stories contained in the 170-page budget document but we’ve picked out four that seem particularly salient at this point in Alberta’s history.

  2. Alberta's 2018 budget announced funds to build 20 new schools across the province, and the Calgary Board of Education will be anxiously waiting to see how many of the 10 new schools and 12 major modernization projects on its capital priorities list will be built.

  3. Emanuel Kahsai denied murdering his mother and her disabled housemate but refused to explain where he was the day they were killed in a police interview played for jurors Thursday.

  4. Alberta’s path to balanced budgets is built on hopes for construction of three new pipelines, including the controversial Trans Mountain expansion, plus reaping extra revenue generated by the federal carbon tax.

  5. Cenovus Energy Inc. said Thursday it has been running its oilsands operations at reduced production rates and storing excess barrels due to wider-than-normal light-heavy oil price differentials and pipeline capacity constraints.